Thursday, October 11, 2007


NAME: Lizzie Bee

LOCATION: Columbia, South Carolina

EGGPLANT QUOTE: I'm trying to unobsess myself

COMMENTS: I received my eggplant as a gift from one of my oldest friends, who left it in a bright yellow envelope under the driver's side windshield wiper of my car as it was parked in front of Urban Artware in Winston-Salem, N.C. My friend has modeled many things for me over the years, most importantly, how to laugh: and coincidentally, perhaps, I always hear this quote in Pee Wee Herman's "shh...I'm trying to use the phone" voice.

After practicing my obsessions around the house I have been able, with great success, to transfer them to my work and to my relationships. Progress, right?!

Looking around now (in the middle of a dark no-moon night) at all of my odd little possessions, I can hear the clinking echoes of all of these small things. I think, YES-- It's Not Working-- I'm Still Obsessed-- With junk, with worry, with insecurity, with insomnia...! Finally, I think: But I Love This Nutty Obsessor. She's the one who reveals my dearest passions.

(note, Lizzie Bee's eggplant is from the very first edition of plants when the quotes were glued to the front of them)

And look, Lizzie also sent this picture of eggplants on the Piggly Wiggly marquee. Go eggplants!

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