Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OWNER'S NAME: Sebastien

LOCATION: Altadena, California

EGGPLANT QUOTE: very good! very good! yay!

COMMENTS: This eggplant is emblazoned with the Laughter Yoga cheer: Very Good! Very Good! Yay! It's owner, Sebastien Gendry, is the founder and Director of the American School Of Laughter Yoga. He served for 2 years as World Operations Director for Laughter Yoga International, the organization leading the Laughter Clubs Movement of over 5000 clubs in 55 countries and is still the official representative for this movement in the USA.

An enthusiastic and articulate speaker, he has been featured several times in the US media (The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC Good Morning America, National Public Radio, Associated Press, CBS News, Telemundo, Celebrity Fit Club, KCAL 9, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Inspire, and more).


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